joseph julian soria red carpet nc 325 'Army Wives' Joseph Julian Soria: 'I have been a lot of bad boys'Zap2it: Has being on “Army Wives” influenced your outlook on the military?

Joseph Julian Soria: I always had a positive outlook about the military. If anything, this has just given me more in depth, what their personal lives are like to some degree. A lot of the stories we do are off real statistics in military families. [The show’s writers and producers] go to Army bases and talk to Army wives. And the Pentagon has had an adviser [working with the show], and it has our writers be accurate with the material we present. It gives a more detailed outlook.

Zap2it: How do you describe your character, Hector?

Joseph Julian Soria: He is someone who is young, immature. He is growing up, catching his life in a stage where he is becoming a man. You are watching him in that process, watching him making a lot of mistakes and finding himself.

Zap2it: This is your first regular role on a show. What’s that like?

Joseph Julian Soria: Last year, I was recurring. In general, it showed me [in] a different light. And I have been a lot of bad boys; I play a lot of thugs, and he is definitely not that. And this gave me the opportunity. This one has given me the opportunity to play out a full arc and have a full storyline and play with the different storyline, and it shows my ability as an actor, that I can be more entertaining more than one or two scenes. I am not just a hothead guy.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler