When “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared a photo of Oliver and Felicity’s wedding on the show, the collective fandom lost their minds. After all, it’s exactly what they’d been waiting for for so long.

Unfortunately, it’s not as legitimate as they may have hoped. Instead, it’s the bait Team Arrow needs to lure a returning Cupid (Amy Gumenick) right into their trap. You see, while in the past, the villain has always been hopelessly devoted to a number of people, she’s no longer the same Cupid you remember. After the death of Floyd Lawton in Season 3, her belief in love is dead.

Zap2it spoke with Gumenick about Cupid’s evolution to her current state, what she’s gone through since her last appearance and whether the death of Amanda Waller is weighing on her soul.

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Zap2it: First of all, welcome back to ‘Arrow!’ it’s been a while since Cupid’s been seen around Star City, for you what’s it like to return now?

Amy Gumenick: Thank you so much, I’m beyond excited to be back!

The producers tend to look at the show in a long term sense when it comes to returning characters. Did you know in Season 3 that you’d be coming back or was it more of a surprise?

Well, a little of both actually. They like to keep the cast in the dark, which I don’t blame them for. We get excited! But I knew there was a possibility she’d be back as the storyline was left so open-ended.

With this show in particular and with the character of Cupid, they really could go anywhere. So I think it was a matter of what, when and how. But there was nothing official so there was a lot of hope and waiting. [Laughs] We had discussed some other possibilities and this one just worked.

When I got the call that she was actually coming back, it was an awesome surprise and not one that I was fully anticipating. You never want to get your hopes up because you never know!

Well, without spoiling of course, what can you tell us about Cupid’s return to Star City and what to expect, as we’re almost a year since her last appearance.

I think the last moment that we saw Cupid, which I guess was Floyd’s death, had a really profound impact on her. She experienced a heartbreak unlike many others she had been through. I think that set her off on a long road of self-discovery and figuring things out.

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She’s part of the Suicide Squad and while things have been a little bit quiet there — unfortunately most of her cohorts are no longer with us — Cupid isn’t someone who takes a lot of downtime. I’m sure there have been countless missions.

I think the biggest thing and the driving force in what brings her back to this episode is answering this question for herself of, “Does love exist? What is love?”

I think she’s resigned herself to believing that love is a bullet to the brain. She has made a full 180. Whereas the Cupid we knew before was fully driven by love and it was the answer to all things, she’s now gone the opposite direction that love leads to inevitable heartbreak and often death.

She’s now on a mission to save the world from that heartbreak by ending love and using celebrity couples as an example to the rest of the world to prove that even in the most happily ever after scenarios, it doesn’t really end well.

With her mindset being so different now, how does it change your approach to playing Cupid?

I think part of how Cupid works is she feels things with 1000%. When it’s love, she’s absolutely head over heels beyond any possible description in love. When it’s not, she is as equally and intensely in that.

For me, when I first read the script, that was a twist I was not anticipating. There had been conversations about exploring various other lovers of Cupid, both from the comic book and that would potentially be for the show So I wasn’t expecting this at all. it was a fun surprise for me to see this completely different side of her.

I think one of the things that surprised all of us on set while we were filming is we see almost a more human side of Cupid and we get to see the woman behind the studded uniform and facade she wears. That was really fun and a nice surprise for us creating the episode and continuing the adventure this way. I think it’ll be fun for fans to see her a little bit more relatable. Yes, Cupid is accused of being crazy — I personally don’t use that word — but her actions are justified in a way we really haven’t seen or understood before.

As you said before, she’s still a member of the Suicide Squad. After the very recent death of Amanda Waller on ‘Arrow,’ will we get to explore any of her feelings about that?

You know, that has not fully been explored to my knowledge. Nothing ever just disappears on “Arrow,” though. It’ll come back, but I think in some ways she owes a lot fo Amanda Waller. She’s the one who saved Cupid from Argus and gave her a second chance in initiating her into the Suicide Squad.

I think there’s a connection there and a gratitude there I’d love to explore. I’m sure there are plans to revisit that storyline.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/Pt on The CW.

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