We knew Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) was going to a "dark place" in the second half of "Arrow" Season 5 -- but we didn't know just how dangerous a game she would be playing. At the conclusion of "Checkmate" (Mar. 15), Felicity told her hacktivist friends at Helix that she would do whatever they asked in return for help tracking down Oliver (Stephen Amell) -- who, oh yeah, has been kidnapped by Prometheus (Josh Segarra).

Given that the first time Helix asked Felicity for a favor she hacked into a Department of Homeland Security drone, there's no telling what they'll put her up to next -- and whatever it is, we can't help but wonder how she is going to dig herself out.

Executive producer Wendy Mericle previously told us that what Felicity was going to go through would be her own personal version of Oliver's island, adding, "I would say it’s going to get very interesting -- and the team, they’re definitely going to have very strong opinions about it."

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Curtis (Echo Kellum) is really the only one that knows what's going on at this point, and he's staunchly opposed to what she's doing. It's Oliver himself that's a bit of a wild card, though: He tried to get Felicity to open up and tell him what she's up to, but she's keeping this particular new hobby a secret.

However, given that her connection to Helix could be what saves her life, can he really look down on it? In the grand scheme of things, we hope so.

Felicity experiencing her own darkness is a nice new space for her story to unfold into. Still, at the end of the day, she's the light of the show. When Oliver delves to deeply into the shadows, it's Felicity and Diggle (David Ramsey) who keep him honest and prevent the team from falling apart.

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If Felicity goes off the deep end with Helix -- and hacking federal drones should definitely be considered the deep end -- coming back and becoming the light once again is going to be difficult... But not impossible. Is her Helix work to help the team worth the grief it could bring her personally? That's something that the show has yet to figure out, but our fingers are certainly crossed.

This world needs Felicity Smoak. Without her acting as the glue holding the team together, it's hard to imagine them going up against most of the villains they encounter and walking away victorious. While it's a near certainty that she'll escape her own personal island, much like Oliver did his, our hopes are that in doing so she won't lose that spark that makes her special. The thing that makes her the Felicity this team needs.

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