colton haynes wb comic con 2014 gi 'Arrow's' Colton Haynes doesn't miss being 'half naked and wet' on 'Teen Wolf'

When Colton Haynes signed on to play Roy Harper on The CW Wednesday hit “Arrow” in its first season, the show’s creators still weren’t sure where they were going with the character. After a punishing yet rewarding story arc, however, Haynes is now a series regular as the title hero’s (Stephen Amell) principal sidekick, Arsenal.
“I’m actually very relieved they chose this route, because I got to wear an amazing costume that isn’t too revealing, so I’m not freezing my butt off,” he tells Zap2it, laughing. “It’s cool because Roy is a very emotional character, someone who didn’t want to let anyone in but then he met Thea [Willa Holland] in a very interesting way. That relationship blossomed, which only makes it more difficult for him to continue working with Oliver, which means keeping it a secret from Thea.”
It’s only logical Haynes would appreciate Arsenal’s costume, because prior to “Arrow,” he spent a couple of seasons on the MTV horror comedy “Teen Wolf,” a beefcake-friendly series where he often did, in fact, freeze his aforementioned butt off.
“We basically did only night shoots. It was in Atlanta, which believe it or not, it actually got really cold,” the actor says. “We’d have to go running into 30-degree water with — I’m not kidding — ice in it and then run around half-naked and wet. I’m so glad we don’t have to do that on ‘Arrow.'”
Haynes knew he wanted to become an actor when he was 7, and he toured in summer stock through his teen years, while he also was modeling. After graduating from high school in Texas, he headed to Los Angeles to try his luck and never has looked back. He keeps a “Wall of Positivity” in his home, where he puts affirmative messages on Post-Its and scraps of paper.
Posted by:John Crook