The 100th episode of "Arrow" was many things. It was a worthy entry into the "Invasion!" crossover and it was the love letter to both the show and its fans that many has been begging for. It's also a game changer in some respects -- especially when it comes to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

"Going into 509, which is the Arrow midseason finale, you'll see that Oliver sort of has a new sense of purpose," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. "The events of 508, basically, forced him to emotionally double down on his mission, so he goes into 509 with a new sense of purpose, and I would say, also, a reaffirmation of his bond with Thea (Willa Holland), because they basically chose each other in 508. That carries through the midseason finale and, obviously, sets up things beyond it."

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That the Queen siblings would willingly leave the dream life they were living says a lot about their bond. As Thea says herself, the team is her family. While she may have lost her parents, she's not all alone anymore. Beyond that, it shows how strong the bond between brother and sister is.

However, it also shows how strong they are individually. Guggenheim explains, "There’s a reason why these stories are iconic or familiar tropes even in comic books. It’s because when you show the protagonist the path not taken and you basically put them in the situation where they can choose to stay on that path -- or go back to their life with all of its ugly aspects and challenges -- and they choose the selfless choice of returning to that ugly path, it makes your character stronger... It forced Oliver to double down on his mission, and commit to this life, with all of its losses and failures and challenges."

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Oliver and Thea -- and Sara (Caity Lotz), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Ray (Brandon Routh) for that matter -- making the choice to leave this perfect existence and return to the task at hand shows the heroes they truly are. Oliver may consider himself more of a vigilante than a hero, but in this moment he's showing his true colors.

As the show moves forward, hopefully that's a decision he keeps in mind. Oliver Queen is more than the hood, or an archer that takes the law into his own hands. He and the rest of his team are heroes. They show that time and again.

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It leaves us worried for anyone who comes up against Team Arrow. With a reinvigorated Green Arrow leading the charge, they're in trouble.

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