As Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) build their new team on “Arrow,” it’s not going to be easy. In the Season 5 premiere, Oliver was clearly wary of bringing new vigilantes into the fold. That may be nothing compared to their first recruit, though.

The Green Arrow has seen Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) taking his own brand of justice to the streets and while he may start training in the Arrowcave, becoming a member of a team of rookies isn’t exactly something he wants.

“He definitely is the lone wolf and wants to continue to be,” Gonzalez says. “You’ll see in Wild Dog’s mind he wants to take the information and skill training and run.”

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That’s where things get interesting. Wild Dog knows there are things he can learn from the Green Arrow. He’d have to respect Oliver and the rest of the team to be part of it, though.

“Do I want to give [Oliver] my respect? Probably not,” Gonzalez says. “I think everyone has to earn Wild Dog’s respect.”

Given who he’s working with, that may be easier said than done. While Gonzalez teases his character may look at Artemis (Madison McLaughlin) along the lines of a little sister, Curtis is a very different story. “He’s just a goofball to [Wild Dog],” the actor says. “He doesn’t respect him.”

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So who does Wild Dog respect? Diggle (David Ramsey), of course. Everyone loves Diggle.

“[He] will definitely have more of a connection with John Diggle,” Gonzalez previews. “We’ve seen John Diggle become the person who is the voice of reason, the straight shooter everyone has to respect because his reasoning and his truth resonates.”

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Diggle has always been the calm to the volatility of Oliver. He keeps the team centered in a way that even Felicity can’t, as he’s out there on the streets with his friend. He also happens to have a common past with Wild Dog, which will surely help them bond.

“Wild Dog is someone who’s ex-military, who’s been through a lot. We’re picking up somebody who has a wealth of pain in his life but still wants to do the right thing,” Gonzalez says. “But I don’t think he’s mentally in a place to know how to do the right thing.”

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Hopefully Diggle can help Wild Dog like he helped Oliver as the Green Arrow, steering him to a place where doing the right thing isn’t such a difficult concept. After everything that went down with his brother in Season 4, the last thing Dig needs is another lost soul to torment him.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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