When “Arrow” star Stephen Amell tweeted in January that he was into Feng Shui, nobody knew if he was serious or joking around. Now the truth is out and it turns out he loves it — a lot.

For those that don’t know, Feng Shui is a Chinese practice, in which objects are arranged in such a way that are believed to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit them. It’s simply a specific way or organizing things — items on your desk, furniture, entire buildings, etc.

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During an appearance on “Larry King Now,” Amell spoke in detail about his love and borderline obsession with the practice.

“I’m a Feng Shui enthusiast,” he tells King. “Like right now I want to take your pen and turn it back.” He then turned a pen of King’s 90 degrees.

According to Amell, the urge to arrange things how he sees fit is a feeling he “has to fight all the time.” “As I work more and more, I find that I’m becoming a more and more articular person and I think that I’m getting little idiosyncratic elements to me personality that are borderline OCD,” he adds.

So there you have the big bombshell. Amell likes to have things in their proper place. Does it extend to Oliver Queen, though?

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After all, the Arrowcave is an incredibly well-designed subterranean hideout for our heroes. Perhaps Oliver spends a good share of his downtime — there has to be some eventually — putting everything in its place throughout the cave.

We’ll find out for sure in Season 5 when his mayoral office is revealed. A quick look at his desk should let viewers know whether Ollie shares Amell’s love for Feng Shui.

Honestly, we kind of hope he does. It adds a fun new detail to the already over-the-top life of Oliver Queen.

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