'Arrow' and 'The Flash' crossover

Fans of “The Flash” and “Arrow” owe Marc Guggenheim — executive producer of the latter — a debt of gratitude for giving the first peek at the upcoming crossover event that will also weave in new DC universe series “Legends of Tomorrow.”

In the photo, which Guggenheim tweeted, Team Arrow stands united with The Flash (Grant Gustin) and a couple new faces — Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel). What, exactly, they are facing off against in the image isn’t known. However, it must take a lot to stop this nemesis if they need an assembly of superheroes this big.

Previously, “Arrow” star Stephen Amell told Zap2it that the upcoming crossover was bigger and more intense than the 2014 version, as it combines three shows into one big story.

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“I think these crossover episodes standing together will probably be, in my mind, the pinnacle achievement for both shows,” he teased. “Last year was designed so that if you were a fan of one show or a fan of the other show, you could enjoy 108 of ‘Flash’ and 308 of ‘Arrow’ independent of one another. It’s not the case this year. If you put them back to back on one night, they would run like one two-hour episode of television.”

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