The Dominators have been defeated and the superheroes returned to their respective shows. So what does this all mean for "Supergirl," "The Flash," "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow"?

The biggest takeaway from the entire "Invasion!" crossover is that all four shows are now able to move beyond the drama of Flashpoint. Barry's secret is out, everyone has dealt with the ramifications of the timeline changes and can finally move on.

Of course, that doesn't solve the Alchemy problem. "There's a villain coming up who's another one of the husk villains that was created by Alchemy, so there's that to deal with," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases.

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But Flashpoint dividing the team seems like a thing of he past, if only because there's an even more intense threat on the way.

"The midseason finale, Episode 9, kind of creates a new problem for our heroes that they weren't anticipating, something that they've never faced before," he says. "It's so big, we're actually considering changing the saga sell from talking about Flashpoint to talking about that, because that's really what's driving the episodes for the rest of the season, actually. Flashpoint won't loom as large as the challenge that presents itself in 309."

The good thing about moving past the emotional drama of Flashpoint is that fans will finally get back the Barry (Grant Gustin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) relationship they love to much.

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"Their friendship has been renewed through the course of these episodes," Kreisberg says. "So when we come back in Episode 9, Team Flash is in a really good place and strong again, which they need to be, because they're going to confront Savitar in Episode 9."

There's no telling what this new threat will be but with Alchemy and Savitar already making things very difficult for Central City, Team Flash may need some reinforcements if they're going to survive Season 3.

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