As fantastical as TV can get, there’s really no one who goes quite as far as The CW when it comes to science-fiction, supernatural or superhero shows. Unfortunately, the pitfall of going to crazy places and having people with crazy powers is that you inevitably get people with crazy hair.

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The one thing most actors don’t want to do for a role? Cut, dye or permanently change their natural hair. We don’t blame them, CW actors in general are drop dead gorgeous, and who would want to walk around with bright orange hair or locks three feet long?

The easiest solution is just to stick ’em in a wig, but not everyone can have the impeccable wig quality of “Game of Thrones.” And so we get the series of unfortunate events that is the CW wig lineup. Take a look at some of the most hilarious wigs and decide for yourself which one looks the most absurd.

Oliver Queen — ‘Arrow’

Stephen Amell 'Arrow'

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has the flashback wig that started it all. With all the island flashbacks intermixed with the present day storylines, a wig is pretty much “Arrow’s” only option, but honestly, we’d rather believe there’s a secret barber on that island than put up with Oliver’s absurd-looking wig every week.

Barry Allen — ‘The Flash’

grant gustin1 Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

The latest and greatest to join the Bad Wig Club on The CW is Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Hopefully this meet-up with his future self will be a warning to past Barry to never let his inner emo kid shine through. The results are cringe-worthy.

Elena Gilbert — ‘The Vampire Diaries’

nina dobrev1 Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Sometimes your lead actress chops all her hair off the week before she’s set to return for the series finale of the show. “The Vampire Diaries” rolled with it, sticking Elena/Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in some pretty obvious fake hair. Way to soldier through it, guys.

China White — ‘Arrow’

china white 1 Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

We honestly can’t tell if we’re supposed to think the bleach blonde hair is China White’s (Kelly Hu) natural look, or if it’s supposed to be unflinchingly obvious that she’s wearing a wig. Either way, this one is possibly the worst of the worst.

Klaus & Elijah Mikaelson — ‘The Originals’

joseph morgan daniel gillies Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Pretty much any time “The Originals” does a flashback episode, you can expect Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to be sporting some pretty terrible wigs. We get that these guys are practically prehistoric, but maybe go easy on the long, tangled locks. What’s even worse is their wigs on “The Vampire Diaries” were actually pretty decent. Where did we go wrong?

Petra — ‘Jane the Virgin’

yael grobglas Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Most of the wigs on this list make us cringe at how terrible they are, but the bad wigs they give Petra (Yael Grobglas) on “Jane the Virgin” just make us laugh in delight. It’s hard to say which one has been the best/worst, but whoever’s in charge of this girl’s fake hair, please keep it coming.

Greer Castleroy — ‘Reign’

celina sinden Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Greer (Celina Sinden) used to have some of the best hair on the show, but thanks to her drop in stature (and Sinden’s brown hair) she got stuck with a few terrible updo’s. Is historical accuracy really important enough to put this gorgeous woman in a tragic wig?

Killer Frost — ‘The Flash’

frost1 Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Poor Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) doesn’t just have to deal with an evil alter-ego, she has to deal with an evil alter-ego with terrible hair. The shock white color isn’t what we’ve got an issue with. It’s the gravity-defying curls that make this wig so obvious.

Clarke Griffin — ‘The 100’

eliza taylor1 Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

Of all the bad wigs on The CW, Clarke Griffin’s (Eliza Taylor) is probably the most excusable. We only had to put up with the red braided monstrosity for a few episodes, and frankly it wasn’t nearly as terrible as it could have been.

Ray Palmer — ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

brandon routh legends of tomorrow thecw Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

“Legends of Tomorrow” has only dipped a toe into the wig pool but in doing so gave us one of the craziest imaginable. What happens when clean-cut Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) gets stuck in prehistoric times? A terrible wig with a beard to match. We still miss you, caveman Ray.

Vandal Savage — ‘The Flash’

casper crump the flash thecw Wigs of The CW: A series of unfortunate events

A lot about Vandal Savage’s (Casper Crump)’s time as a villain in the “Arrow”-verse is best left forgotten but it’s impossible to get over the hair he was saddled with when “The Flash” revisited his life in ancient Egypt. It’s as if he’s auditioning to be a member of Pearl Jam.