Well, how's that for a twist ending? Just when you think you've got things figured out, "Arrow" sends you for a loop. While the Nov. 16 episode "Vigilante" was largely Prometheus-free, it was revealed in the end that the masked killer is a lot closer to Oliver (Stephen Amell) than we think. In fact, he's got a mole inside Team Arrow.

That mole is none other than Artemis (Madison McLaughlin). It was revealed as she stood on a rooftop with Prometheus, assuring him that she hadn't been followed. What's unclear is how long she's been working with him or what her motivation to betray the team is.

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Is she being blackmailed? Has she been with him from the start? What's her role in the throwing star murders? Did she have a hand in framing Lance (Paul Blackthorne)? These are all questions we need answers to immediately.

Sadly, these are likely questions we won't be getting answer to anytime soon. The next episode of "Arrow" happens to be in the middle of the crossover, which means it's already going to be packed. For fans, that hurts because we need to know why she would betray the team.

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All of Season 5 has been built around getting to know and trust this new group of individuals as they joined Oliver on his missions. Now to know one of them is actively working against not only the Green Arrow but the entire team is a heartbreaking shock.

It's also the absolute last thing the team needs. With everything they're up against, it's going to take an effort from everyone on the team to best the likes of Vigilante, Prometheus -- and let's not forget the Dominators from the crossover.

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With Artemis working for the other side though, nothing is guaranteed anymore. And if Prometheus has one mole inside the team, who's to say he doesn't have two? Who can Oliver trust? Outside of Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (David Ramsey), it's fair to say that all bets should be off at this point.

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