In calling Ash’s (Bruce Campbell) own mental stability into question, it looks like “Ash vs. Evil Dead” set us up for not one big surprise, but two. In Sunday’s (Nov. 20) episode, “Ashy Slashy,” we follow Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Ruby (Lucy Lawless) on their search for Ash. Taking a move that no group of heroes should ever do in a horror movie, the gang splits up.

In the process, Kelly discovers the evil Ash puppet — further developing her killer senses against multiple Deadite threats. But while she takes out little Ash — and Sheriff Emery (Stephen Lovatt)… and Deadite Lacey (Pepi Sonuga) — Pablo and Ruby come face-to-face with a very determined Ash Williams. From everything we witnessed, it looks like Baal succeeded at getting into Ash’s head, turning him into a cold-hearted killer. And with his mission to destroy the Necronomicon Ex Mortis for good, our concern turned to Pablo’s well-being.

Pablo has done a good job clinging to hope for the past two seasons, but once Ash had him in his custody we couldn’t help but feel Pablo’s days on this earth were numbered. But Ash had one last trick up his sleeve and once he had Pablo and Baal (Joel Tobeck) in the same room together, he revealed that this soulless killer routine was just that — a routine.

ash vs evil dead 208 lucy lawless dana delorenzo ray santiago To save the world, Ash vs. Evil Dead sacrifices one of its own

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Taking out Baal didn’t look quite difficult at all. All the gang had to do was remove Pablo’s brujo necklace and wham-o — Necronomicon powers in full effect! Getting hit with everything the book has to offer, the powerful demon was blown to smithereens. But they didn’t have long to celebrate as, while they attempted to congratulate Pablo on a job well done, the shirtless wonder fell to the floor bloody — his body completely severed in half.

So wait a minute… Is Pablo really dead? That’d be a bold move by “Ash vs. Evil Dead” going into the final episodes. But something tells us this isn’t the last we’ll see of the former Value Shop stockboy.

By what we’ve learned over the past three “Evil Dead” decades, the Necronomicon holds all sorts of powers. Resurrection has got to be one of them, right? If so, don’t be surprised if Pablo returns before the season’s end… Though it’s doubtful he’ll be the same Pablo we’ve grown to love.

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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