With a trailer and poster art that gives off some major Commedia all’italiana vibes, Aziz Ansari has announced the Season 2 premiere date of his Emmy-winning comedy “Master of None”: New episodes will drop May 12 on Netflix.

At the end of Season 1 Dev (Ansari) had just ended things with girlfriend Rachel (Noël Wells), and decided to take a break from acting and follow his true passion: Pasta. And from what we can glean from the new trailer, it looks like Dev is making good on his mission. It mostly consists of clips of Dev riding scooters through the Italian countryside with Arnold (Eric Wareheim), sipping cappuccinos in cafes, attending swank parties where John Legend plays the piano, and jumping into pools fully suited.

Our question, however, is… Where’s Rachel?! Part of what made Season 1 so great was watching Rachel and Dev pal around New York City together, being quirky and falling in love. It was a refreshingly cute and real relationship that made Dev a more likable character. We would be seriously heartbroken if she ends up not booking a return trip from Tokyo for season 2.

But while the trailer doesn’t give us much by way of plot, it does show a string of some pretty amazing guest stars, including: John Legend, Bobby Cannavale, Angela Bassett, and what look like a string of disappointing dates with beautiful women.

And if Rachel doesn’t come back, at least we’ll still have the effortlessly smooth Denise (Lena Waithe) to show us how to properly exude confidence and pick up ladies like it’s no big deal.

masterofnone s2 poster Aziz Ansari has mastered that Italian life in Season 2 trailer of Master of None

Season 1 of “Master of None” is currently streaming on Netflix. All episodes of Season 2 drop May 12.

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