Chris Harrison and dedicated fan of “The Bachelor” Amy Schumer had a war of Internet words after ABC aired this season’s “Women Tell All” special. The comedian called out Harrison for shaming Jubilee’s complexities during the show taping.

Throughout the season, the reality show has labeled Jubilee a “layered” person since she had an unusual past — she is the only surviving member of her biological family. While Jubilee was in the hot seat during “Women Tell All,” Harrison played therapist — as he usually does — and told her that she should be happy that a “perfect” guy like Ben Higgins had interest in her

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“I know you can’t control how complicated you are,” Harrison voices.

Many fans did not like how Jubilee was treated for being multi-faceted, Schumer included. In a series of tweets, the femme comic wags her finger disapprovingly to the longtime “Bachelor” host, while defending Jubilee for being a “complicated” woman.

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Harrison didn’t shy away from his remark and responded to Schumer publicly. Instead of going back and forth for the world to see like many entertaining celebs, he invited Schumer to have a private discussion.

Harrison was able to use his many years of experience in reality television and settle any differences that he has with Schumer like an absolute pro. Take note Kanye, this is how to quickly resolve a situation. Inviting the person over for wine should almost always work in your favor.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes