On Monday (Feb. 8), ABC gave Bachelor Nation what they have been waiting for all season long: Olivia's farewell.

Emotions are running high as the women can see the finish line on "The Bachelor." As the competition gets more heated, Ben Higgins is breaking hearts left and right, including that of the season villain Olivia.

During a two-on-one date Ben has no choice, but to choose one girl and send home another. Any normal girl would feel slightly nervous about the ultimatum but, as we've seen, Olivia beats to her own drum.

The overconfident news anchor didn't see the break up coming, especially after she professed her love to Ben minutes before he walked away with the coveted rose. Not only did she lose to Emily -- whom she underestimated -- she had to suffer through being left on the island alone and watch them happily sail off into the distance together.

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As villainous as Olivia was, it didn't seem like the break up was warranted on those terms. In fact, it was really sad to see her weeping all alone with no one able to comfort her with a goodbye -- granted she didn't have any friends on the show.

Regardless of how emotional Olivia was in the turn of events, the internet still took the time to knock her while she was already down. The memes quickly flooded Twitter as Bachelor nation cheered on her exit from the show.

Additionally, Olivia was not the the biggest villain of the episode. That award goes to Leah, who was once very quiet and overshadowed. In an attempt to save her own un-blossoming relationship with Ben, she decides to lie about one of her biggest competitors, Lauren B.

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As Ben takes in Leah's allegations of Lauren B. not being her true self, he notices that their short time together is focused on drama instead of developing their relationship. These red flags are all Ben needs to cut Leah's time in the Bahamas short.

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes