the bachelor ben higgins cast Meet Bachelor Bens cast: Two Chris rejects and twins

When Ben Higgins returns to ABC for the 20th season of “The Bachelor,” he’ll immediately be put to work as he barrels through the women that the network has scouted for him. One by one, he’ll meet the 28 bachelorettes as they step out of a limo to make a lasting first impression of themselves, but why wait?

The network has released the roster of women who vie for Ben’s heart and the pickings are wide and diverse. The bachelorettes include a cowgirl, a set of Las Vegas twins, two bartenders, gerontologist (also known as a health care specialist for the elderly) and a chicken enthusiast.

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Ben will also see two familiar faces within the bunch. Amber and Becca from Chris Soules’ season are returning to make another go at love. For Amber, this is her third “Bachelor” franchise show, as she appeared on “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2. Becca has not been on the show since being rejected by Soules in the “Bachelor” Season 19 finale.

Get to know the bachelorettes below:

“The Bachelor” returns Monday, Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes