Jessica Canyon and Bob Guiney

Third time’s the charm for “Bachelor” star Bob Guiney: Thirteen years and two marriages since attempting to find love on “The Bachelor,” the 45-year-old star will wed Jessica Canyon in Punta Mita, Mexico, Friday (Oct. 11) — and he says this time, he has found his true soul mate.

“I really never wanted to get married again,” the musician and TV personality tells Screener. “I’ve always had a wonderful experience and my ex-wives and I are close, but we became more friends and less husband and wife. But in this particular case, we started out as friends and then grew into more and I think that’s the right progression, at least for me — to start off as friends. So I’m very excited, hopeful and optimistic about the future.”

“I just hope we make it back from the wedding,” Guiney adds, referencing the US election and what a win for presidential candidate Donald Trump could mean for Mexico-US border relations. “We’ll see if the wall been built already. We might not make it!”

Guiney popped the question to Canyon last year after realizing that he was no longer against giving marriage another shot: “I proposed last year on Labor Day and about two weeks before then I realized,” he says. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to lose her, it was more that I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and not have her here. We really are connected on a different level and it’s just a real honor that she would want to be with me, so I feel pretty lucky.”

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As the big day nears, the Michigan native is looking forward to seeing how the ceremony, at luxury villa Casa Entre Rocas, unfolds, having left most of the planning to his event planner fiancée.

One thing Guiney did help organize — a special performance from his good buddy, former ER star, Scott Grimes. The pair are both members of Band from TV, a covers group comprised of actors, who donate their proceeds to charity.

“He’ll be doing a song from the Goo Goo Dolls, so that’ll be pretty cool,” shares Guiney, who is getting married on his dad’s birthday. “I just saw them play in Vegas and they’re so great!”

As part of their work with Band from TV, Guiney and Grimes recently represented the group — which also includes “Chicago Fire’s” Jesse Spencer and “Good Witch” star James Denton — at Lupus LA’s annual Get Lucky for Lupus fundraiser, where the band was honored for their work raising funds and awareness of the organization.

“My buddy Scott Grimes is a big supporter of Lupus LA, so as a result I became involved — then I got to know the people, and they really make the charity what it is,” says Guiney. “I would walk over fire for them, so it’s an honor to be honored.”

Of course it’s his fiancée he’ll be vowing to walk over fire for — ‘til death do they part — come Friday’s nuptials.

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Guiney was married to his first wife, Jennifer Lantz, for a year before competing on the first season of “The Bachelorette,” and returned as the fourth “Bachelor” in 2003. He didn’t find love on the series, but wed “All My Children” actress Rebecca Budig the following year, before divorcing in 2010.

While it’s been more than a decade since his stint on “The Bachelor,” Guiney says the ABC series remains a huge part of his life and his lessons in love. Looking back, he reflects that he wasn’t ready for everything that came with appearing on the show.

“You go on a show like that and it’s fun and exciting, and the whole world [sees] all of you and your relationship status,” says Guiney. “I didn’t propose on the show and got a lot of heat for that, but at the time, my life changed — like night and day.”

“I don’t think I was prepared to handle all of that,” he continues. “For the couples who do, I think it’s wonderful and I applaud them, but I wasn’t ready for that. So I think ultimately now, I’m a little older, hopefully more wiser and definitely a lot more ready.”

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Guiney’s advice for contestants on “The Bachelor” and its various spin-offs today?

“Just enjoy the moment and realize that even though you’re in a vacuum, it’s not going to last forever. You travel so much and get to do so many cool things that it’s really an amazing way to get to see the world with some beautiful people, who are hopefully like-minded. It’s a cool experience, so just enjoy it.”

Although he now realizes “The Bachelor” was not for him, Guiney says he’s still close with many of his fellow alumni and remains a “big fan” of the series, tuning in every Monday.

Guiney admits he usually watches the show alone. “My fiancée doesn’t watch it — she’s a lot younger than me,” he explains. “And she didn’t see my season. I think it would have been weird for her to watch my season. But she’s seen a bunch of episodes and she got to meet Chris [Harrison] and a bunch of the guys at [“Bachelor in Paradise” contestants] Tanner and Jade’s wedding, so she really likes a lot of them.”

“The Bachelor” returns Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Leena Tailor

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