Fourth time’s the charm?

There is one question on the mind of every Bachelor Nation member: who is going to be named the next “Bachelor” star?  Ever since “Bachelorette” beauty JoJo Fletcher picked Jordan Rodgers to be her beau, viewers have waited with baited breath to see if one of her former suitors will take the reigns.

There are high hopes for Luke and Chase to be named the next “Bachelor.” Even amidst all the drama with his ex, Robby Hayes has amassed a solid fan group gunning for him to get another chance at love.

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While speculation on which of JoJo’s former dates will be tapped for this esteemed honor, people seem to be forgetting about the men currently competing on “Bachelor in Paradise.” There’s one in particular who may just nab the hot seat, and that is Mr. Nick Viall.

At this point, Viall could quit his Salesforce sales job and be a full-time Bachelor Nation cast member. He was the runner-up on two seasons of “The Bachelorette,” and if the reported rumors surrounding “Paradise” are true, Viall is once again going to be left in the lurch for another guy.

Nick Viall and Amanda Stanton 'Bachelor in Paradise'

According to, history will repeat itself with Viall once again competing against Josh Murray for the same woman. Except this time it’s Amanda Stanton, not Andi Dorfman.

Perhaps his bad reputation precedes itself as rumors point to Stanton getting engaged to Murray at the end of the “Paradise” season, not Viall. The 35-year-old joked that he tried his luck on this third series because he didn’t think it was possible to once again be a runner-up, which makes sense since it’s a competition in which multiple engagements are possible. But for Viall, that’s just how the reality cookie seems to crumble.

Viall has made quite a name for himself after being in the public eye for so many years. With a quarter of a million Instagram followers and over 95,000 Twitter fans, the possible “Bachelor” Season 21 nominee has his fanbase on lock. This is something producers will take into consideration when making this difficult casting decision. Ratings are important. Viall can deliver on that front.

Nick Viall GIF

Even if his past reputation isn’t exactly sparkling, people love a come-back story. Fans have shown a tendency to forgive a guy who gets picked over time and again. And who knows? Maybe he’s finally matured out of his kiss and tell phase.

After having to watch his own antics play out on TV — and reading all the criticism he received in the media — maybe he’s ready. It’s quite possible Nick Viall is destined to find love as the next “Bachelor.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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