Tenley, Joshua, Jade and Tanner hang out on "bachelor in paradise'

After Sunday’s (Sept. 6) shocking breakup between Kirk and Carly, “Bachelor in Paradise” concluded its second season on a much happier note — Jade and Tanner are engaged.

The two lovebirds have been virtually inseparable since their date in Week 1 when Tanner confessed to having a crush on Jade. They had one night in the Fantasy Suite where they made their relationship official and have spent the rest of the time in paradise watching the rest of the drama unfold.

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Kirk and Carly’s shocking exit gave Jade a few jitters about her relationship with Tanner though and whether they were truly on solid ground. A final one on one date where the couple revealed that they are officially in love with each other solidified their future.

The show kept up the suspense as the couple made it to the final ceremony. For just a brief moment after Tanner declares he can’t give his rose to Jade, fans had to wonder if this was going to be an awful breakup. Instead he pulled out a stunning engagement ring and Jade got her fairy tale ending after all.

Jade and Tanner aren't the only ones to get a happy ending. Both Cassandra and Justin as well as Nick and Samantha decide to give their relationships a shot outside of "Paradise."

Tenley felt conflicted during the last rose ceremony, unable to decide if her feelings for Joshua were able to overcome the difficult nature of a long distance relationship outside of the show. In the end, she decided that she couldn't do it and ended things with Joshua -- making them the only couple going into the final rose ceremony to not come out with a relationship.

Posted by:Megan Vick