There’s a level of self-respect for oneself and for others that sometimes goes out the window when trying to become a reality TV star.

The first shining example of that during Monday night’s (Sept. 5) episode took place as audiences watched Nick Viall say he’s falling in love with Jen Saviano, when we all already know he’s going to leave her to be the next “The Bachelor” star.

On the other end of that spectrum, there’s Vinny. Two weeks ago, Izzy dropped him quicker than Chad can clear a plate of meat. She blindsided Vinny by going after Brett, a “who’s that?” Bachelor Nation member who entered into “Paradise” holding a lamp. Viewers reeled while watching how flippant and quick Izzy was to break Vinny’s heart for a guy she didn’t even know. Vinny didn’t take it well either, and he left ‘Paradise” on his own terms.

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While audiences were quick to bash Izzy, in her defense, there is no good way to break someone’s heart. It seemed like once Izzy realized she wasn’t that into Vinny and didn’t see a future marrying him, she freaked out and used Brett as a quick exit excuse.

Now, we’re in no way condoning the way she broke up with Vinny — Izzy should’ve grown a pair and simply confronted Vinny like a grown adult — but it’s better that Vinny found out what kind of person she is now, than let’s say three months into a staged engagement.

Vinny That really hurts %27Bachelor in Paradise%3b

Well, Monday night’s episode proved karma is real. Brett dropps Izzy as quickly as she dropped Vinny to see what’s good with Lauren. In fact, during the evening’s final ceremony, Brett decides not to give a rose to anybody. He’s just not feeling that deep connection with anyone in “Paradise.”

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Before that fateful final ceremony, Izzy breaks down and decides to leave early, as well. While bawling her eyes out, she packs up her stuff and announces that she’s going to Florida to get Vinny back. While in the limo on the way to the airport, she calls Vinny. It didn’t seem to cross her mind that Vinny might not be at home waiting for her, so when Vinny picks up the phone and hears her voice he asks, “Who’s this?”


People dream about pulling that line on an ex, but Vinny actually did it. And on national TV, nonetheless.

Who would’ve thought the quiet guy who barely had more than 3 minutes of screen time on JoJo’s season of “The Bachelorette” would turn out to be so awesome and have enough self-respect to decline being someone’s sloppy seconds. (Take notes, Ashley I.)

Izzy crying GIF %27Bachelor in Paradise%27

Izzy broke Vinny’s trust. She wasn’t mature enough to realize she had something good. But if she had had the guts to confront Vinny, and be honest about her hesitant feelings instead, there might’ve been a chance for forgiveness and reconciliation. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and Vinny’s has clearly already grieved his broken heart and moved on.

Vinny wins %27Bachelor in Paradise%27

A lesser man would have milked this moment, but Vinny said, “Girl, bye.” Further proving he’s over the whole situation, Vinny asked viewers to stop bashing Izzy.

Vinny has put his own self-worth above the chance of possibly extending his 15 minutes, and for this refreshing reason, he has officially won this season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Vinny may not be engaged, but he’s actually in the right place mentally to one day be in a committed relationship. It’s just not going to be with Izzy, but that’s her loss.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 finale airs on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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