Even if Jojo doesn't win Ben's heart in the end, she still can go down in "Bachelor" history as owning one of the worst hometown dates within the franchise.

The Dallas native finished last in Ben's hometown dates, following playing in the sand with Amanda's toddlers, taste testing food trucks with Lauren B. and building a playhouse with Caila. Instead, Jojo's date with Ben consists of a serious talk about another man, her ex-boyfriend Chad.

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Jojo talks to Chad on the phone minutes before Ben walks through the door and begins getting emotional before her date arrives. It didn't seem like the smartest move for Jojo to have such an in-depth conversation with the man she claims to have loved endlessly minutes before her new flame arrives.

However, it is interesting to point out that Jojo's predicament of juggling two men is ironically close to the premise of "The Bachelor." Surprisingly enough, Ben quickly forgets that he is currently dating three other women and states that this other person could jeopardize his relationship with Jojo.

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Jojo quickly saves herself when she tells Ben that she ended it with ex-boyfriend (for good this time). She even shares that she told Chad that she has found happiness with a new man in her life.

Poor Chad. Now, he will just have to tune in Monday nights on ABC to see if he has any chance at getting his ex back.

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes