This cycle’s “Bachelorette” JoJo Fletcher has now cut more than half of the initial 26 men hoping to be her future one and only, so it’s finally become easy to remember the names and faces of all her suitors still in the competition. To be honest, when Vinny was sent home Monday (June 20), we weren’t even aware he was on the show in the first place. Save for creating name cards with pictures while viewing, rest assured that this memory game is not an easy task.

Derek in particular has started to really stand out. Not because he wrote JoJo a sweet poem like James Taylor, or is incredibly hot like Luke, or borderline insane like Chad. The 29-year-old low-key guy from Iowa really hasn’t done anything of note except bear an uncanny resemblance to actor John Krasinski and his character Jim Halpert from NBC’s “The Office.”

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Derek looks so much like Jim that audiences have started to call him by that name instead. In the beginning of the season, Derek was to referred to as “the guy that looks like Jim Halpert.” It made it easy to remember the guy who could easily fade into the background among all those strapping suitors. And now, the nickname has stuck for good.

Everybody loved Jim on “The Office.” He was the ultimate good guy. The kind of husband every woman dreams of, so Derek’s resemblance to the popular fictional character is totally working in his favor. And the idea of JoJo becoming his Pam is even more great fodder. Derek even got in on the trending meme joke on Instagram.

Keeping the doppleganger theme going, Derek shares with fans that he used to look more like Harry Potter as a kid. Yet another lovable and endearing fictional character!

However, there are also a slew of “Bachelorette” fans who think Derek looks more like another Hollywood hunk, Liam Hemsworth.

It’s hard to say, but if Zap2it had to pick, we’d say he’s a solid combination of Krasinski and Hemsworth.

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