In the immortal words of Phineas and Ferb: “There’s 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it.” Wow, those 104 days went fast this summer — and now, school is once again here to crash the party.

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But wouldn’t class be a whole lot cooler if you were sitting alongside the characters from “Stranger Things,” “Pretty Little Liars” and other beloved shows? Check out a few dream classmates below — and please, keep your books closed and eyes on your own work.

‘Stranger Things’

Attending school with Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas would be … to borrow an ’80s phrase … totally rad. Sure, you’d have some difficulties, like the daily announcements that another student at the school had mysteriously vanished, and perhaps you’d be concerned about Will’s mounting absences.

But every day after class you could look forward to marathon “Dungeons & Dragons” games, bike rides and junk food galore. You’d also get to take Mr. Clarke’s science class and play with his ham radio — but be careful who you talk to, because “the upside down” is a long-distance phone call.

‘The Simpsons’

Sure, it would be a blast having Bart and Lisa as your classmates at Springfield Elementary, and Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie would undoubtedly make sure that there was never a boring moment — but the real allure would be the famously funny Springfield supporting characters.

Imagine walking into the cafeteria and seeing Sherri & Terri, Uter and Martin Prince? Ralphy Wiggum would undoubtedly wave you over with one hand while he had the other shoved up his nose, Nelson would have his hand outstretched to take your lunch money, and Rod and Todd Flanders would be there to help with a pre-lunch prayer.

Yes, being a student at Springfield Elementary would be a lot of fun. Just watch out for Lunchlady Doris’ meatloaf — rumor has it that if you eat too much, you’ll turn yellow.

‘Pretty Little Liars’

Life in Rosewood High School is about much more than English and Social Studies. Instead, the daily curriculum involves back-stabbing, cliques and all kinds of drama. Luckily for Spencer and the girls, the recent five-year time jump got them out of school for good — but looking back like any graduate, it’s hard to not miss the place.

‘Game Shakers’

Perhaps the most fun TV school to be in right now would be Sugar Hill Junior High, home to the Game Shakers gang. You’d be able to take Mr. Sammich’s science class, hang out with Double G and Triple G, and play a lot of video games between classes. The best part is, even if you fell asleep, you could just fake SVD.

‘The Brady Bunch’

The all-time school dream, what would be cooler than walking the halls in a pair of bell-bottoms alongside Greg, Peter and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia? The Bradys encountered lots of school difficulties, sure, but it was never anything they couldn’t fix by the end of the episode. Just be sure you don’t dare accuse Cindy of baby talk — or you’re going down, just like Buddy Hinton.

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