female lawyers want bad judge canceled 'Bad Judge' hating lawyers spawn 10 other absurd cancellation demandsThe Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Miami-Dade Chapter is up in arms about “Bad Judge,” the new NBC comedy where Kate Walsh plays Rebecca Wright, a judge who is free-wheeling with the language, booze and men, which is supposed to be tempered by the fact that she’s good at her job.

In light of Wright’s antics, the FAWL has called for NBC to cancel the comedy — and it will probably get its wish, as “Bad Judge” isn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut so far. But if you’re going to be like that about it, would there be any new shows left on the schedule? Or would all the shows be canceled, like the faux suggestions below?

National Association of Medical Examiners wants ‘Forever’ canceled

A medical examiner who can’t die and has a first-hand knowledge of all manner of deaths? Medical examiners everywhere are livid. First the world had “the ‘CSI’ effect,” now it’ll be “the ‘Forever’ effect.”

American Bar Association, law student division wants ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ canceled

As if law students don’t have enough on their plates, “HTGAWM” is positing that they also have time to work a new trial every week for a defense attorney/professor and run around committing murder and disposing of the body.

Tinder, Match.com and Ashley Madison want ‘A to Z’ canceled

The NBC comedy’s depiction of a “tap that” dating app is giving all the respectable online dating services a bad name, especially since the true love couple on the show did not meet via the dating service.

Promise Keepers wants ‘Madam Secretary’ canceled

As Promise Keepers quotes on its website, “In the words of Dr. Tony Evans, ‘As the man goes, so goes the world.'” A woman working as the secretary of state while her husband is a teacher and takes care of their children? The horror. Promise Keepers is also at the ready for when “State of Affairs” premieres in November.

MENSA wants ‘Scorpion’ canceled

The nerve of “Scorpion,” portraying a group of geniuses as socially awkward weirdos. That’s what “The Big Bang Theory” is for, says MENSA.

North American Racewalking Institute wants ‘The Flash’ canceled

Because Barry Allen should slow down.

Take Back the Night wants ‘Stalker’ canceled

Actually, this one might be legit.

Abstinence Works wants ‘Jane the Virgin’ canceled

Maybe. Abstinence Works is actually very confused by “Jane the Virgin.” But the organization certainly doesn’t like that even a girl practicing abstinence ends up as a young mother-to-be.

The Nonfiction Producers Association wants ‘Utopia’ canceled

Because it is an affront to reality TV shows everywhere.

American Voice Talent Association wants ‘Manhattan Love Story’ canceled

For those god-awful voiceovers from the two twits finding love — oh, wait, what? What’s that you say? Wish granted.

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