robbie davis sr ball boys 325 'Ball Boys' Robbie Davis Sr explains why a Honus Wagner is such a big dealZap2it: Are you a longtime sports memorabilia collector, and this turned into your business?

Robbie Davis Sr.: I collected for years. I started collecting in the early ’80s. Initially, we started with baseball cards, and I was in the automobile business at the time. And when I got out of the automobile business, and my best friend played first base for the Orioles, Eddie Murray, I named the store Robbie’s First Base, after my friend and my son (Robbie Jr.). We started buying and selling baseball cards, and it took over the business because I have such a collection. When I was in the car business we had athletes that represented the business, and I had contacts when I opened the store. I could get signatures and not go through agents.

Zap2it: Which sport sells the most memorabilia, and why do you think that is so?

Robbie Davis Sr.:
Baseball, then the next would be football, because most people would relate to baseball. The average person can visualize [himself] and want to be a baseball player. To be a football player you need to be 300 pounds, and for basketball you need to be 7 feet, but in your mind’s eye you can be a baseball player.

Zap2it: Can you please explain why the Honus Wagner card is the Holy Grail of baseball cards and why it goes for millions?

Robbie Davis Sr.:
The reason why it is so valuable is they were marketed in cigarette packs, and Honus Wagner didn’t want kids to use tobacco and had his pulled.

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Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler