“Banshee” aired its series finale Friday (May 20) with “Requiem,” which saw Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) solve Rebecca’s (Lili Simmons) murder, several villains get their comeuppance and the good guys all share their personal parting moments with Hood before rode out of Banshee one last time.

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Zap2it spoke with creator Jonathan Tropper about the finale, including a possible Job-centric spinoff and what’s next for Hood once he rides out of town.

On ending with Season 4

“I felt in my bones that the Lucas Hood story was coming to an end. It’s not that we didn’t have good, creative ideas with what to do with a fifth season — we had plenty of creative ideas with what to do with a fifth season — but I just had this nagging feeling that we were stretching out the story to a place it didn’t want to go organically. I just didn’t feel confident we would deliver four and five seasons with the same intensity of the first three, whereas if we just concentrated on the fourth season we would have a very satisfying ending to the series.”

On a Job-centric spinoff

hoon lee banshee season 4 Banshee creator on a possible Job spinoff and Rebeccas real killer

“Spinoffs are tough for a bunch of reasons, but if the right idea came, I’d certainly love to work with [actor Hoon Lee] again. I’m leery of the fact that — sometimes really amazing supporting characters, when you make them the center of the show, sometimes it goes a little sideways. But if we had the right idea for a Job spinoff, certainly we would play with that.”

On Burton being Rebecca’s killer

“When it comes to grisly murders, he is the most logical suspect. But we didn’t want you to be able to draw an immediate line to why it would be him. I’ve noticed a handful of people posting thoughts about how stupid the writers are to make Rebecca the victim of a random serial kill and it’s kind of like, ‘Have you been watching the show? Do you really believe we’d ever do that?’

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“I was looking for a way to frame Season 4 that would unable me to do what I wanted to do, which was darkening the mood and adding a level of tension and suspense. [Executive producer Greg Yaitanes] started talking about Laura Palmer and ‘Twin Peaks’ and the notion that we could frame the whole season around a mystery. The idea just stuck with me. I was less interested in the mystery … but once we had that in place, it gave a great framework to bring all our characters together in unexpected ways. It gave us a great way to reshuffle the deck and at the same time keep all our characters in plain sight.”

On Brock taking over as sheriff

matt servitto banshee season 4 Banshee creator on a possible Job spinoff and Rebeccas real killer

“When we started the show, Brock was supposed to die in the finale of Season 1 … but it’s pretty hard to execute Hood without Brock. The character of Hood really needed Brock, plus we all really fell in love with Matt Servitto and we really didn’t like the idea of continuing the show without him, so we decided to keep him around.

But once we decided to keep him around, we really had to plan — he couldn’t just spend three seasons being the foil to Lucas’ rebel. So we had to get into Brock’s damage and figure out what his journey was going to be. This was a guy who played by the rules and couldn’t get it done and gradually his exposure to his worst nightmare, this cop who breaks all the rules, that gives him the final tools he needs to be the true sheriff — a little independence, a little rebellion. Those are the missing ingredients that make him the sheriff he needs to be.”

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On what’s next for Lucas Hood

“I think Hood needs quite a bit more healing. He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’s got the ghosts of a lot of dead people haunting him. But what Hood has figured out at the end of this is there’s a life to be lived out there and he needs to put the past away and move on and figure out what the rest of his life is going to be. He’s discovering that he doesn’t really know who he is, so he needs to go out and get away from everything and figure out who he is.

“I think at some point he’s going to hook up with Job. I’d like to think he’s going to find a way to live clean, but knowing him and Job, they’re going to get back up to their shenanigans. My guess is he’s probably living somewhere in Manhattan near Job and plotting some big heist, but maybe they’re doing it with a lighter heart.”

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