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Zap2it: Your “Life in Pieces” character had an attention-getting start as the subject of a mock funeral. Was that uncomfortable for you to play?

James Brolin: I had heard about people doing this in the past, trying to pull this off where everybody gets to speak about your life before you’re dead … but in reading this script, what fascinated me mostly, it was like a blackout show where the punch line is funny. The scene isn’t ended when you cut out of it, [it’s] almost serialized.

That’s what I love about this show. You never quite are satisfied, but you end up wanting more. I only hope we keep up with the qualities that the first [episode] had and we’re here a lot longer than 13.

Zap2it: What’s the main appeal for you in doing comedy?

James Brolin: I love characters, first of all. As you know, I’ve played a few. Every once in a while, they hire me for something decent. Sitcom is not my area of expertise, although I was raised in a family that was never serious about anything.

My dad had a 5:00 post-time with these pina coladas with these umbrellas and a big piece of pineapple, and everything was just kind of a cute answer. Everything my dad taught was just silly.

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Zap2it: How did your wife — whose name happens to be Barbra Streisand — respond to the news of your going back to series work?

James Brolin: Oh, she says, “Oh, boy, great! Go to work. Get out of the house. Get out of that hammock.” Malibu in the summer in the hammock? Even in the winter, it’s just too good. I’m just surprised I’m working.

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