Chip Baskets has hit many road blocks on his journey to becoming a respected clown. Thursday’s (March 23) Season 2 finale brought him one step closer to realizing his dream, only to have it briefly slip away. It was in that moment, though, that a support system revealed itself in the most unlikely place: His family.

Of course, Chip never realized he had a support system. Why would he? His mother Christine (Louie Anderson) never really saw any promise in this venture — always looking to brother Dale as the business-savvy one. Leave it up to the arrival of a Russian circus to change all that. A surprise opportunity soon presented itself to Baskets, and suddenly his time in the spotlight was upon him.

baskets season 2 finale fx The Baskets family finally comes together in Season 2s touching finale

It didn’t go exactly to plan, though. After all the hype Chip put behind this new gig — $500 a show is nothing to scoff at! — the original performer he was to replace made a surprise return. While some may have called it a day,  Chip decided this was his moment to shine! After all, his family was in the audience. The originally planned one-man routine quickly devolved into a vaudeville-style performance between two rather disgruntled clowns.

And the crowd loved it.

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This circus company, like many others, was one big family unit. And through the return of their original Russian clown, Chip was let go — but not before Christine caught a glimpse of her son’s talent.

Still reeling from her own mother’s death, Mama Baskets was all set to put her inheritance money (following the death of her own mother) into a brand new Arby’s restaurant for the entire family to run. Her heart was in the right place, but the concept didn’t quite hit.

baskets season 2 finale louie anderson The Baskets family finally comes together in Season 2s touching finale

But, what about a rodeo — the “Baskets Family Rodeo” to be exact? There was something about seeing Chip in his element that sparked a grander scheme for Christine. In his brief time under the big top, Baskets the Clown achieved greatness — and the audience was in the palm of his hand. Christine finally had a sense pride for her son.

Having the Baskets family take over a rodeo show sounds like a no-brainer — and we’re not just saying that because Chip was squatting in the abandoned stadium. The death of Christine’s mother proved not only to be a powerful motivator here, but it was also it’s the emotional glue that finally brought the Baskets family together.

After a season that found them driven apart, it’s nice to see the Baskets bond renewed. Something tells us Chip won’t be considered an outcast for much longer. And that emotional support is a truly wonderful thing to behold.

“Baskets” Season 3 will return to FX in 2018.

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