After four seasons, “Beauty and the Beast” finally called it quits with a super-sentimental series finale.

A bomb to avoid, a terrorist to track down and a prince to protect sounds like a daunting checklist for Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan), but it’s just a typical finale in the world of “Beauty and the Beast.” Amidst all the action and adventure, the show did manage to deliver just about everything you’d expect from a farewell episode.

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All in all, we’re glad “Beauty and the Beast” has come to a close. Most of Season 4 felt like it was living on borrowed time, recycling the same threats and outcomes over and over again. Rather than “Au Revoir” it was beginning to feel like deja-u. We even ended up right back in Paris where we started the season, living out the happily-ever-after.

We did appreciate that last minute limo fake-out though, which had many viewers genuinely worried that they’d killed off the two lead characters in a ballsy finale move.

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They even committed to a full-on funeral scene to sell the act!

Faking your death and escaping to far off lands is a pretty tried and true way to end a series, especially when you have as many people after you as Cat and Vincent did.

Ultimately, Cat and Vincent’s story will never be over, since they’ll never be able to resist using their combined skills to help out those in need.

Whether it’s taking down a megalomaniac or stopping a Parisian mugging, we believe Cat and Vincent will keep on keeping on long after “Beauty and the Beast” is over.

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