beauty and the beast finale Beauty and the Beast: Wedded bliss for Vincent and Cat in Season 4?

You’d think with The CW’s “Beauty and the Beast” being loosely based on a fairy tale that every once in awhile our leading man and lady would get a fairy tale-esque ending of some sort. These two lovebirds have endured so much after all — blood, death, danger at every turn — it’s about time they get a happy ending of some sort, right? The TV Gods must have been listening, for Vin and Cat very much got their happy ending. For now.

In the Season 3 finale, which aired Thursday (Sept. 10), Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristen Kreuk) finally got to have their perfect wedding — on the rooftop of Cat’s apartment building, no less. There was a handsome groom, a blushing bride in a perfect white dress, and a walk down the aisle, and all without the pesky interruption of Liam (Jason Gedrick).

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So where was that murderous troublemaker anyway? Despite his best efforts to ruin Vin and Cat’s relationship and out his fellow beast, Liam’s devious plans all backfired and well, he died — by Vincent’s hand, of course. Goodbye, you bad, bad beast.

Where does this leave things for Season 4? How happy will Vin and Cat get to be before something ruins it? And with Liam gone (probably?), what new villain will appear to wreak havoc on our favorite star-crossed lovers? Only time will tell.

Posted by:Kara Warner