Kidnappers never seem to learn. But you can rest assured that Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) will be happy to teach them — assuming she ever catches up with them — on “Missing,” airing Thursdays on ABC.
When her husband, CIA agent Paul Winstone, was murdered 10 years ago, she was left to raise their son, Michael, on her own. And now Michael’s gone missing while studying abroad. It’s every parent’s nightmare. And though you might not immediately think “stylish” for a widowed single mother, the show’s Czech costume designer, Dagmar Pomajbikova, knows when to pull out the stops for a mother who also happens to be a former CIA operative herself.
“When we started to think, ‘Who is Becca Winstone?’ the first vision of her for us was that she is a mom looking after her son,” says Pomajbikova, who is designing on location as the series continues to film throughout Europe. “We didn’t want anything too fancy, fashionable or super cool, but we still wanted her to look hot … .” With Judd, that’s not a particularly difficult task. And Pomajbikova succeeds brilliantly by utilizing some standout pieces from Europe’s hottest design houses while incorporating Becca’s American-based wardrobe. It’s enough to make us wish she was looking for us. Regardless, we hope she doesn’t find anyone anytime soon.

Pomajbikova discusses some of Becca’s outfits:
ashley judd missing episodic 325 Keeping 'Missing's' Becca Winstone from being 'too fancy, fashionable or super cool'
“For the yacht, we wanted a very special dress which gives Ashley a chance to move and to look stunning. I went shopping in Milan to find this lovely dress and bought there this Alberta Ferretti dress.”
ashley judd missing episodic 325 2 Keeping 'Missing's' Becca Winstone from being 'too fancy, fashionable or super cool'
“Most of Becca’s wardrobe we found in Prague, and we were so happy to find also the multiples here. For example this khaki Jucca jacket we found in a little fashion boutique close to old town square. They had it in few different colors, but this khaki one was the best for Ashley. We were shooting during the summer here, so we liked that it is not too heavy, and we really loved the cut on Ashley. With the jeans it was harder here. We liked two brands: James Jeans and Levi’s. So we had to ship them from L.A. over here.”
ashley judd missing episodic 325 3 Keeping 'Missing's' Becca Winstone from being 'too fancy, fashionable or super cool'
“We wanted Ashley to look very special in this [bank] scene, and we tried many different dresses and cuts, but this black dress from Anthropologie was the best. [She] looks amazing in it, and that’s what we wanted.”
ashley judd missing episodic 325 4 Keeping 'Missing's' Becca Winstone from being 'too fancy, fashionable or super cool'
“This very cute green T-shirt is from Anthropologie again. We really like deep earth colors on Ashley. It is good for her skin tone and her hazel eyes. Jeans are Levi’s. Her purse is from Gerard Darel. We really liked their purses.”
Posted by:Michael Korb