Ben Affleck was on “The Tonight Show” Monday (Sept. 29) to promote his new movie “Gone Girl,” telling host Jimmy Fallon about how he schooled Tyler Perry in 1980s R&B music, like early Luther Vandross or Tony Toni Tone.

Below, Affleck regales Fallon with some genuinely funny parenting stories, leading off with how his kids could not care less that he’s the new “Batman.”

“The truth is no, they’re not [excited about ‘Batman’],” says Affleck. “My kids, if I was doing the sequel to ‘Frozen,’ I would be a hero. My two older daughters could give a s*** about ‘Batman.'”

And apparently the girls have passed their “Frozen” love on to their little brother, who is two years old. Now he always wants to watch “Frozen,” but it’s a two-hour movie, so Affleck’s solution was to show his son the video of Idina Menzel performing “Let It Go” with classroom instruments on “The Tonight Show,” which sort of backfired into his son telling him to sing along by going, “No papa, do it like the man!”, meaning Jimmy Fallon.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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