ben affleck oscar picks live with kelly and michael gi Ben Affleck's Oscar picks: Who does he want for best picture at the Academy Awards?

Ben Affleck knows the Oscars. The winner of two Academy Awards himself (writing for “Good Will Hunting” and Best Picture for “Argo”), the actor-director-writer-producer knows the system. So who does he think should win best picture in 2014?

As a guest on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” Affleck expresses support for “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Of course, Affleck is a little biased toward this film — his wife, Jennifer Garner, co-stars. He also points out that the rest of the film helps too though, especially the social issues and emotionalism. “My heart is with ‘Dallas Buyers Club,'” Affleck explains. “To me that’s my personal, emotional favorite.”

That said, Affleck isn’t counting anyone out. In rapid succession he mentions other nominees: “Gravity,” “12 Years a Slave,” “American Hustle,” “Wolf of Wall Street.” Affleck really doesn’t want to choose. 

“It’s a shame, because there really isn’t a best,” he says. “It’s not like you die and go to Heaven and God’s like ‘Nope, ‘Godfather 1’ was better than ‘Godfather 2.'”

Will Affleck be right about the Academy Awards? The world will find out Sunday, March 2 when the Oscars are awarded.

Posted by:Laurel Brown