nat faxon ben and kate fox 325 'Ben and Kate's' Nat Faxon remembers 'Grosse Pointe': 'It was ahead of its time'Zap2it: “Ben and Kate” is your first TV leading role. Are you enjoying it?

Nat Faxon: It’s been a welcome change. Usually I’m like the hip roommate who drops in and delivers a joke and then disappears, so it’s a lot more work. But I fully embrace it. A lot of times you get typecast in terms of what they think you can do, and if you’re not this supermodel-y guy, it’s harder to get a lead part, so I really give them credit for pinning their hopes on a goofier-looking dude.

Zap2it: Some of us remember you from the WB high-school spoof “Grosse Pointe.” Was that fun?

Nat Faxon: Oh, yeah! I think it was ahead of its time, and I’m honestly not sure we were on the right network or that they had any idea what to do with us. It really was trusting of the writers and creators to give me more stuff to do, but then the show got canceled. It was just too bad, but not very unusual in this business, unfortunately.

Zap2it: How did you and Jim Rash (“Community”) come to co-write “The Descendants”?

Nat Faxon: I was studying at the Groundlings Theater, and that’s where I met Jim. We were dissatisfied with the opportunities that we were getting, or even going in for. That inspired us to write, and I had just learned that craft mostly from the Groundlings. As bizarre as it may sound, there is not that huge a difference between writing a five-minute sketch and a screenplay.

Posted by:John Crook