Once upon a time, Johnny Depp played “Rango,” a funny cartoon chameleon. But these days, he’s doing his best otter imitations alongside Benedict Cumberbatch — and there’s no computer-generated effects to help.

“Along with great fame comes fandom,” explains Graham Norton on his UK talk show, getting the two leading men to buy into a very funny bit. “And along with fandom, comes weirdos.”

“Are you aware of this, Johnny Depp: When Benedict became famous …” At this point, you can actually see one of the best parts of the video — as both actors prepare themselves for whatever is about to come next with a big, heavy sigh. “… his fans decided that he looked very much like an otter.”

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“I’m sorry?” asks Depp, while Cumberbatch does a great head shake in disbelief. Norton then proceeds to show photos of the “Sherlock” star and otters in side-by-side shots looking sad, upset and pensive.

“May I say one thing?” Depp deadpans. “Someone has a lot of time on their hands.”

But as Norton explains, there aren’t nearly enough Otter/Cumberbatch pictures out there. And so, the genial leading man agrees to help the talk show host make some new ones. Laughing, Cumberbatch does his best angry otter, aggressive otter, and even does a strange otter that we’re not sure exactly what he was doing.

Benedict Cumberbatch and an angry otter COURTESY: The Graham Norton Show

“And now, here’s a chance for me and Johnny to channel our inner otter,” Norton reveals as the crowd laughs. “Here’s a nice three-shot.”

Much to their delight, the trio lean in close to recreate an adorable photo of two otters snuggling one in the middle — which, of course, is played by Cumberbatch.

“Is this casting for my next role as an artist?” the actor asks.

“You’re in it!” replies Norton, who then brings out an enormous teddy bear that Cumberbatch cuddles with and subsequently attacks. “You’re the star!”

Benedict Cumberbatch and his teddy bear friend COURTESY: The Graham Norton Show

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