paz de la huerta Best nude scene finalist Paz de la Huerta aims for #1 in 2011If at first you don’t succeed… stumble drunkenly to your car and lose half of your top while getting turned away from a party.

“Boardwalk Empire” star and second runner-up in Mr. Skin’s 2010 “Best Nude Scenes” list Paz de la Huerta had a bit of a rough night after the Golden Globes.

TMZ caught the actress getting denied by a bouncer at Los Angeles venue Chateau Marmont, on the grounds that she was too drunk to come inside.

After receiving the awkward news, de la Huerta took a bit of a header, splitting the back of her dress and exposing her left breast in the process.

If she can maintain this commitment to nudity throughout 2011, maybe this year she’ll come out on top. 

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