sunny anderson greatest thing food 325 'Best Thing I Ever Made's' Sunny Anderson: Trick or treaters 'working smarter, not harder'Four Food Network stars dig into their bag of tricks to scare up some Halloween-friendly treats in a special holiday-themed episode of “Best Thing I Ever Made” airing Sunday morning, Oct. 28.

Each of the four cooks — Sunny Anderson, Jacques Torres, Susan Feniger and Eric Greenspan — hosts his own segment, preparing his favorite spooktacular dish.

In Anderson’s case, that’s her beloved candy bar pancakes with “booberry” syrup.

“You have candy bars left over, so what are you going to do with them? I make pancakes, but I crunch up either Butterfingers or Snickers, and I put them in the batter,” Anderson tells Zap2it. “Then I make a simple blueberry syrup. It’s my own pancake batter recipe, but it only has a tablespoon of sugar in the whole recipe. I just make the batter and fold in the candy bars. It’s one of my favorite things to make, even when it isn’t Halloween, but it seemed perfect for this episode.”

Anderson also hosts “Home Made in America With Sunny Anderson,” now airing Saturdays.

“As I go around the country, a lot of people come up to me, and they want to talk about recipes that they have,” she explains. “I kept thinking, ‘Gosh, these are such great stories and great recipes, and I wish people knew about them.’ Not everyone has a thousand recipes; they just have that one great one that everyone knows.

“That’s what “Home Made in America” is about. I’m going out to people’s homes and getting the recipe and the story behind it — and not only are these moneymaking recipes for these people that are near and dear to these hearts, but they’re giving away all the secret ingredients, all the techniques!”

Do you welcome trick-or-treaters at your home?

“I’m giving up this year, but every single year before that I would go out and get the good candy. The big, ‘real-size’ candy bars, the good stuff. And I sit and I wait, and no one shows up. I think the kids are going to the mall and apartment complexes. They’re working smarter, not harder.”

Do you decorate?

“Yes, but I’m pretty cheap. I just go to my local party store, and I buy a cute cutout of a black cat and the bats that are on a string.”

What was your favorite costume as a kid?

“My very favorite one was Wonder Woman! It had the thing that you put on your head, the whole deal. Just very cool. I’ve also done the classic ‘bedsheet ghost’ and the Bride of Frankenstein.”

What’s the cleverest costume you’ve ever seen?

“One time my co-worker, a black guy, came in for work, and he had all these postage stamps and envelopes tacked onto his clothes that day. I was dumbfounded, and he said, ‘It’s my Halloween costume. Think about it.’ Finally, I gave up, and he said, ‘Blackmail.'”

Posted by:John Crook