jennifer-carpenter-dexter-season-6-twist-debra-morgan.jpg“Dexter” (Showtime): We were still trying to wrap our minds around the plot development that Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) was feeling romantically attracted to her foster brother (Michael C. Hall) when the writers threw us a stunning curveball, when Deb walked in on Dexter as he was administering the coup de grace to the Doomsday Killer (Colin Hanks). That’s right: Now Deb knows Dexter is a serial murderer.
“Raising Hope” (FOX): Once past the outlandish setup of the show’s initial premise — that the adorable title character is the offspring of Jimmy Chance’s (Lucas Neff) one-night fling with a now-executed serial killer – this wacky sitcom has steered away from soap opera conventions in favor of playing like a live-action cartoon most of the time. So we nearly fainted, just as Jimmy did, at the out-of-left-field revelation that Hope’s mom survived the electric chair and was coming back to claim her.
“Revenge” (ABC): Jaw-dropping plot twists are a weekly occurrence on this compulsively addictive nighttime soap, but when we finally got to the scene that opened the series at the top of the season — a nighttime shooting on the beach — and discovered that the victim was not, in fact, young Hamptons heir Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) as we had assumed all along, we suddenly knew to take nothing for granted on this audacious show.

little-red-riding-hood-big-bad-wolf.jpg“Once Upon a Time”
(ABC): If you were paying attention, it couldn’t have come as a big
surprise to learn that the beautiful Storybrooke waitress Ruby (Meghan Ory) was Red Riding Hood in the show’s fantasy realm. Finding out that Red Riding Hood was also the Big Bad Wolf? Yowzah!

“Supernatural” (The CW): For seven seasons, the brothers Winchester (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) have faced down horrors backed primarily by old family friend Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), so fans were stunned when Bobby suddenly died of a gunshot wound earlier this season. Then they were more happily shocked when he unexpectedly returned as a ghost, even if we suspect that will not end well for anyone. Things rarely do on this show.
Posted by:John Crook