melissa peterman red carpet nc 325 'Bet on Your Baby's' Melissa Peterman keeps her summer dance card fullZap2it: “Bet on Your Baby” shows funny moments with children; what are some of the funnier moments with your son?

Melissa Peterman: He wants to watch the Cooking Channel all the time. He is making up his own recipes. They mostly involve smushed bananas. He started writing a diary, which is quite hilarious. I know I am not supposed to read it.

Zap2it: You have a lot going on. You’re hosting this, you’re on “Baby Daddy,” and you’re working on a comedy album? What am I missing?

Melissa Peterman: “Dancing Fools” for ABC Family. It begins airing Wednesday, May 29, and the second season of “Baby Daddy” also begins May 29. “Dancing Fools” is like a clip show but using the funniest dance things from the Web, then we air the clips, and I do the wraparound, and we talk about it. And then bring people into studio to do it live.

Zap2it: Did you study theater?

Melissa Peterman: I didn’t declare [as a theater major] until the very last minute, when you had to say out loud and you are going to choose your life. I like to know my schedule and know what is happening, and I picked something where you never know if you will be employed. I remember not taking a job out of school, a marketing job, because I thought if I got in it I would stay. I didn’t want to have a safety net. I graduated and started doing theater in Minneapolis. My first job out of college, I booked “Fargo.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler