bethenny frankel bethenny syndication 325 'Bethenny': Frankel is determined to become extremely famousBethenny Frankel is so determined to become extremely famous, you want to dislike her. But once you listen to her, that’s not an option.

“Years ago, I moved out to L.A. to be an actress,” she tells Zap2it. “I don’t know if I wasn’t talented or connected or confident.”

She had a few minor roles, but, she says, “I liked the idea of it, but I didn’t like being someone else, the confines of the script.”

Her syndicated weekday talk show, “Bethenny,” is the right fit. She chats easily with celebrities and the audience.

Frankel says precisely what is on her mind, which she did while on “The Real Housewives of New York.” At the time, Frankel was not married and didn’t seem to fit in with the others, except for a need to be on TV. Yet she was the show’s breakout celebrity.

Andy Cohen says I was the Greek chorus,” Frankel says during an interview in a trendy Beverly Hills hotel. “He said I would say what everyone was thinking. Most women overthink things. I will say something I am thinking.”

Frankel, who trained at the National Gourmet Institute for Healthy and Culinary Arts, and has a series of “Skinnygirl” books and a cocktail company, has cooked for private clients. Then, for a while, she stopped cooking.

“The home situation is a little bit challenging,” she says, referring to her divorce from Jason Hoppy. “I only cook for my daughter,” Frankel says of 3-year-old Bryn. She makes couscous, beans, pasta and soup.

“Art imitates life,” she says. “I am again inspired in the kitchen.”

Frankel’s basic philosophy is “Use what you have.”

She loves the culinary challenge of using whatever is in the refrigerator and pantry, so if someone has “organic lentils, onions, fresh herbs,” she says, “saute it and make a stir-fry or a frittata.”

She extends that philosophy throughout her life. “Use what you have in your closet, in your fridge and in your bathroom,” she says. “Accessorize what you have. You can reshop your own closet.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler