betrayal hannah ware abc 325 'Betrayal': Hannah Ware free falls into a dangerous game of infidelityIf anyone knows the dangers of infidelity these days — fictionally, at least — it’s Hannah Ware.

The former “Boss” co-star is playing a dangerous game on several levels in “Betrayal,” ABC’s new Sunday drama. She stars as Sara Hanley, a wife, mother and photographer whose passionate affair with a prestigious family’s lawyer (Stuart Townsend) is enmeshing her ever more deeply in intrigue … particularly since her lover is pitted against her husband in a murder trial.

“I think what really pulled me to it,” Ware explains to Zap2it, “is, in terms of my story as Sara, it’s an encounter that could happen to anyone. And I felt that it was very relatable. I gravitated towards Sara because you meet her in this point in her life where things seem fine and great, but she’s sort of struggling not only within her marriage.

“And it’s not that she has a terrible marriage, by any means. She actually has quite a good one, in my view. Not that I’m married, but it’s not like it’s a completely dysfunctional relationship. And it’s not black and white.”

Professionally, Ware adds, Sara is “struggling to find her voice creatively, so she’s sort of in that weird free-falling period, which I think lots of people can identify with and relate to. And I was really interested by that.”

Making “Betrayal” marks a welcome return to the Windy City for Ware, who played its mayor’s (Kelsey Grammer) troubled daughter during the two-season Starz run of “Boss.”

“I love Chicago,” she confirms. “It’s one of these cities I’d never even really thought about, other than it’s got wonderful architecture, and I’m very interested in architecture. But it wasn’t somewhere I was desperate to go. And then ‘Boss’ happened, and then I read a lot of books surrounding Chicago politics and things like that. I just really enjoy it a lot.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin