There is about a month left before Bob Odenkirk returns as Jimmy McGill in Season 2 of “Better Call Saul.” The AMC series — and “Breaking Bad” spinoff — ended its first season on a low note for McGill as he himself begins the decision to break bad and become Saul Goodman.

The transition hasn’t happened yet, but the above clip gives viewers further insight into the character’s inevitable shift.

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From the struggle to maintain a career on the right side of the law, audiences began to see Jimmy slip — hence the Slippin’ Jimmy nickname — and it looks like things are going to get a wee bit darker when the series returns.

As you can see in the above clip, McGill takes some time with his voice of reason, Kim (played by Rhea Seehorn), “I’ve been doing the right thing for all these things now, and where has it gotten me?” he asks her. “Nowhere!”

Fans will get to see just where Jimmy goes when Season 2 of “Better Call Saul” returns on Feb. 15 on AMC.

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