better call saul season 2 switch amc Jimmy McGill flips a symbolic Switch in Better Call Saul

Monday night (Feb. 15) found the return of “Better Call Saul” to AMC for its second season. Picking up just moments before Season 1 ended, the episode titled “Switch” finds Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) at a confusing crossroads in his life.

Much like the Season 1 premiere, this episode opens in present day finding Gene (that’s Jimmy’s new identity) managing that Cinnabon.

Already knowing what happens to Jimmy once he becomes Saul Goodman, it looks like Season 2 will be focusing on exactly how it goes down. Tonally speaking, the color pallet presented here is already a bit brighter than the muted — or black and white — tones shown in previous episodes.

It’s a small style note to focus on, but every detail given by Vince Gilligan is something that should be accounted for. After all, Saul Goodman is quite the colorful character. As well, each action and decision Jimmy makes feels steeped with meaning.

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Symbolism or speculation help drive a mystery and the final moments of the episode finds McGill in that corner office he’s always dreamed of. But taking the dream gig at David and Main puts Jimmy in a situation where “Slippin'” may be far too easy to do.

This brings us to that odd light switch. Taped over and instructed not to touch it, McGill ends up disobeying those orders. Of course, nothing ends up happening when he flips the switch. However, is this small move a bigger symbolic gesture pointing towards McGill’s true character?

With the episode title and the knowledge that McGill will switch to Goodman soon enough, this very well may be a nod to the audience that shady things are on their way. With Vince Gilligan behind the show, that move must have a bigger meaning than Jimmy simply turning a broken light off.

Whatever this action means, fans will soon find out the next chapter in Jimmy McGill’s life as “Better Call Saul” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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