A handful of months remain before AMC’s “Better Call Saul” returns for Season 3 — but that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been fervently speculating the path the show’s got in store for Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk), Chuck (Michael McKean), Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and Mike (Jonathan Banks). And in the last half of Season 2, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould set the stage for Gustavo Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) return.

Previously, there were rounds and rounds of hopeful conversations that Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul might revisit the characters that made them megastars in the television world. It’s possible there will be cameos down the line, but given the timeframe of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, their involvement may not make much sense. But what about Dean Norris’ return as DEA Agent Hank Schrader?

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hank dea breaking bad Nows the time to bring Hank Schrader to Better Call Saul

As we’ve seen with the work of Gilligan and Gould, attention to detail is paramount in the world they’ve created for both programs. And as Mike Ehrmantraut has slowly inserted himself into the crime world that will eventually put him face-to-face with Fring, linking the men together in New Mexico’s crystal meth-fueled underworld — nice work, Nacho (Michael Mando) — it only makes sense to check in with Hank.

New Mexico’s sect of the DEA is directly tied to the state’s drug trade. Hank and Gomie (Steven Michael Quezada) never caught onto Fring’s real business venture until late in the “Breaking Bad” game. At that point, blue meth was everywhere and Heisenberg ruled the land.

“Better Call Saul” has done an outstanding job of painting the picture of what Saul Goodman was like before he became Saul Goodman. If we’re getting a peek into Fring’s rise to power amid the Salamanca drug empire, then checking in with Hank Schrader at Albuquerque’s Drug Enforcement Agency should be on the agenda, as well.

“Better Call Saul” returns Spring 2017, on AMC.

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