The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" made $118.5 million in 2016.

One hundred. Eighteen. Million. Dollars.

Don't forget the half.

That's just for the show's five main stars: Jim Parsons ($25.5M), Johnny Galecki ($24M), Simon Helberg ($22.5M), Kunal Nayyar ($22M) and Kaley Cuoco ($24.5), according to Forbes' annual review of TV's highest paid actors/actresses.

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The data – collected between June 2015 – June 2016 – accounts for their show paychecks, as well as any extra money brought in on the side from other projects, endorsements, yada yada.

With their cups runneth-ing over, we'll go ahead and assume the cast is struggling to figure out how to spend their mountains of cash. As such, allow us to play "Big Bang" financial planners.

Pool your money together people, and here are some things you could buy:

  • Every single piece of jewelry sold on Home Shopping Network in one year (estimated value $100M)
  • Vincent Van Gogh's 1889 work, Portrait de L'Artiste sans Barbe (estimated value $98.5M)
  • 100 bottles of DKNY's Golden Delicious perfume (estimated value $1M per bottle)
  • 129 Hublot Million Dollar Big Bang watches… c'mon, it's got the same name! (est. value $915,000 each)
  • A 1,500-night stay in the royal penthouse at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland – believed to be the most expensive hotel suite in the world (est. value $65,000/night)
  • Matt Damon and Tom Cruise: the big screen superstars made a combined $108M in 2016, so if buying people was a thing, we're just saying.

While Parsons' quarter-million-dollar payday is impressive, it's only almost half as much as TV's top earner for 2015 – Sofia Vergara.


The "Modern Family" star/Head & Shoulders shill/furniture line spokeswoman topped the list for the fifth year in a row, taking home $43.5 million, thanks largely to her off-screen deals.

The moral of the story: It really, really pays to be a CBS or ABC star, but all of these folks may want to call their agents and push for their own dandruff shampoo deals.

And can someone please find out where we can buy our own Matt Damon?!

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