Mayim Bialik was more shocked than excited when her name was called Sunday (Jan. 17) at the Critics' Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. After a host of nominations with no wins, it seems Bialik did not even have an acceptance speech ready for her win.

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"The reason I look so surprised is I've never actually won anything!" Bialik says. "I literally didn't prepare anything because I've never won anything -- I didn't think I'd be up here."

You can't blame her for expecting to stay in her seat, seeing as she's been up for a Critics' Choice Award twice before. Moroever, she's had one People's Choice Award nomination, four Emmy nominations, and five Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations. All of which she was sadly passed over for.

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But now, Bialik got to accept her first ever award, and she was not going to leave anyone out of her speech.

"The Big Bang Theory" actress thanked her cast and writers before moving on to the most important person in her life: her father. "My dad died nine and a half months ago, and he was my harshest critic, and he never lived to see me win anything. So Abba, this is for you. Thank you."

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