It’s time for a new season of “Big Brother” and with it, a new summer of secrets is about to unfold. Can the show still touch the gloriously crazy seasons of old, though?

For years “Big Brother” was a summer hotbed of chaos and controversy ranging from epic game players running the house to the occasional meltdown and expulsion.

Before meeting the newest houseguests and finding out what kinds of twists and turns “Big Brother 18” has in store, it’s time for a trip down memory lane as Zap2it revisits 10 of the craziest moments in “Big Brother” history.

Dan Gheesling’s funeral, ‘Big Brother 14’

How can you now start with Dan Gheesling? He’s either one of the best that’s ever been or one of the absolute craziest. After winning a season of his own, Dan returned in Season 14 as a coach and somehow managed to turn the house completely upside down to the point of staging his own funeral.

While eulogizing himself to the rest of the house, he threw his own partner under the bus in a weird effort to save his own game. However, he later revealed that it was all a much bigger con to save himself and his partner. In the end it got Dan to a second place finish in the show and a cool $50,000.

Jen ruins Evel Dick’s cigarettes, ‘Big Brother 8’

Some people are simply not cut out for the games that go in in the “Big Brother” house. Jen Johnson, the nanny from Beverly Hills, was one of those people and it turned the whole house against her.

When Jen couldn’t put up with the mental tricks being played by everyone, she became a mortal enemy of “Evel” Dick Donato and engaged in a long war or expletives, insults and destruction of property. Her ruining his cigarettes will go down as one of the most misguided “shots fired” moments in “Big Brother” history. Also, it’s still outrageous that Dick didn’t get reprimanded for burning her with a cigarette.

Justin gets expelled for brandishing a knife, ‘Big Brother 2’

You know what’s probably not a good idea to do on national TV? Threaten your fellow houseguests and then hold a knife to the throat of the woman you’re involved with asking her if it’s OK to kill her. Bad idea, Justin.

The early seasons of “Big Brother” were often rather tame, so Justin’s craziness stuck out like a sore thumb.

All the the racist nonsense, ‘Big Brother 15’

Even if you’ve never watched “Big Brother,” chances are you’ve heard of Season 15. There was no escaping Season 15 for one simple reason: racism. This was the season when racial insults seemed to be a big deal in the house and many of the houseguests just loved to throw them around as if they were nothing.

Of course, that vilified most of them in the eyes of the public and the less said about Season 15, the better. There’s a reason you haven’t seen that cast pop up in cameos since then.

ChillTown’s phone calls, ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Say what you will about ChillTown — the duo of Mike “Boogie” and Will Kirby — but they were nothing if not entertaining. When the “Big Brother 2” duo returned for the first and only all-stars season, the house somehow foolishly didn’t immediately toss one of them.

Instead, they more or less ran the house and mocked everyone they lived with via their diary room sessions. Nobody knows how to work the DR like ChillTown.

The entire house at war, ‘Big Brother 6’

The houseguests in Season 6, all of whom were working with a secret partner, didn’t take long to divide into two teams that simply wanted to destroy each other. Each side even had a figurehead that didn’t make it long — Eric and Kaysar.

The war between the two sides contained many memorable moments, but none more-so than the initial blow up between Eric and Kaysar — with Ivette and Michael adding fuel to the fire.

Rachel sends a message to floaters, ‘Big Brother 12’

“Floaters, you better grab a life vest.” That may go down as one of the best quotes ever uttered on the show and it came from none other than fan favorite Rachel Reilly. after winning her second Head of Household, Rachel wanted to make a statement to her enemies and did just that, kicking off an argument that riled the house up more than you can believe.

Of course, it may have backfired, given that she was shown the door the very next week.

Willie gets expelled for attacking Joe, ‘Big Brother 14’

Willie had bad news written all over him from day one. His bad attitude was a detriment to not only his coach — Brittany — and team, but the house as a whole.

Then, just like that, his fuse got a little too short and he head-butted Joe, which meant a free ticket home where he was never heard from on “Big Brother” again.

Dr. Will’s epic mic drop veto speech, ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

In the race to best “Big Brother” player of all time, there are really only two real contenders, Dan and Will. While Dan’s funeral was a masterstroke of genius, Will outdid him during “All-Stars.”

While on the block, Will used his veto speech to explain to the house how much he hated everyone he was playing with and how he planned to make their lives as miserable as humanly possible if they didn’t evict him — and it somehow worked.

Not only did they not evict him, he somehow made it to the final four while toying with the rest of the house the entire way. We salute you, Dr. Will.

Chima melts down and gets expelled, ‘Big Brother 11’

While some players — Jen — aren’t made for the game of “Big Brother,” other simply can’t handle living sequestered in a house with so many people for so long. This was the case with Chima. While she started strong, things quickly went downhill and she simply gave up.

She refused to wear her microphone — even throwing it in the spa at one point — and disregarded any instructions given to her by producers. Finally, those behind the show had to intervene and Chima was sent to the DR room and never returned.

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