donny thompson exit interview big brother 16 'Big Brother 16's' Donny Thompson 'would like Nicole to go as far as possible'Donny Thompson, one of the most well-liked houseguests, was evicted from the “Big Brother 16” house Thursday (Aug. 28) in a unanimous vote. He tells Zap2it who he thinks is playing the best game and who he hopes makes it to the end.

Zap2it: Did you enjoy your time on Big Brother? What was your favorite part?
Donny Thompson: Absolutely, I am glad I did it. My favorite part was winning the Veto competition during the Double Eviction episode. I twisted my ankle and still beat Beast Mode Cowboy, Zach Attack, Hayden and Cody! Four of the youngest, fittest guys in the house.

You said to Julie that your feelings were hurt. Do you hold it against anyone for voting you out?
There were some people to blame for me being evicted. When I get home, it won’t really matter. But for right now, it could persuade the way I may vote.

Why do you think you were such a target in the house?
Initially, it was the paranoia of everyone not believing I was a groundskeeper. And then it became because they thought I was this super smart person that was a threat to everyone.

Nicole is obviously in a vulnerable position this week, but who else do you think needs to watch his or her back?
My friends Cody and Caleb. I think Cody and Caleb are being used for their physical attributes by others in the house.

Who do you think is playing the best game?

It would have to be Frankie. He has won at least 50% of his competitions and everyone has liked Frankie at one point in the game. And to be in that big alliance is just icing on the cake.

Are you rooting for anyone in particular?
I would like Nicole to go as far as possible, but of course she is out-numbered. If she joins me in the jury house, I will be going for Cody or Caleb because they are good-hearted people.

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