big brother 16 rewind room 'Big Brother 16' rewind: Head of Household competition live blog and resultsSo, this week hasn’t been much fun to watch on the “Big Brother” live feeds because we all know that nothing matters. But tonight’s the night that everything gets interesting.

The filler

We have to spend the requisite amount of time focusing on everyone’s paranoia about the button and Victoria moping around about going home. It’s kind of excruciating — get to the good stuff already! Nobody cares about Caleb’s delusional thoughts about Mila Kunis coming into the house.

However, the Derrick/Dan comparison is not off base. TV-only viewers may have a different opinion, but on the live feeds, Derrick has been working his butt off to control the house without letting anyone realize he’s in control. Everyone who has started to get wise to his game — Donny in particular — was taken out. Until he wins, you can’t declare Derrick as good as Dan, but he’s playing a masterful game. If next year is all-stars, they would be remiss not at least inviting Derrick to play.

The entire jury house is saying Derrick is playing a great game and Frankie is a competition master. It would be quite interesting to see them face off in the finals because they have the two best arguments to win the game. I think the vote would be 5-4 and I’m not sure who would win.

Now, will it get to that point? I doubt it. I don’t think either Derrick or Frankie would take each other to the finals.

The rewind

Finally the houseguests are informed what the gold button means. Be kind, rewind! However, what is kind of lame is that the rewind is having them compete in the exact same HOH competition. I mean, I guess if you’re sticking to the letter of the law regarding a rewind, but how will this be interesting if they’re repeating the competitions that Frankie won? Guess we’ll see.

Lo and behold, Frankie is winning. Shocker. Keep checking back here for live feed updates to find out who wins. All times Eastern.

9:20 — There are no feeds yet, which is maddening. What do people pay for if not this?

— Julie Chen tweeted this photo after the show ended, which shows Victoria has had to re-start her competition. There goes our hopes of the most interesting outcome. Hope she can win POV. I’m no big Victoria fan, but I’m a fan of making things happen in the house and that will make the best things happen.

julie chen big brother rewind 'Big Brother 16' rewind: Head of Household competition live blog and results
9:40 — The feeds are back, Caleb won Head of Household. I predict he nominates Victoria and Cody just like Frankie last week, though there’s a chance it’s Victoria and Derrick.

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