derrick levasseur big brother 16 winner 'Big Brother 16' winner Derrick Levasseur 'would absolutely consider' all stars if askedDerrick Levasseur won “Big Brother 16” by a 7-2 vote Wednesday (Sept. 24), which did not surprise viewers but surprised Levasseur a little. He tells Zap2it he thought the vote would be closer, but that after hearing the jury questions, it didn’t surprise him that he won.

Zap2it: Congratulations, you must be on cloud 9 right now.
Derrick Levasseur: I am. It’s hard to comprehend, but I’m trying.

It’s pretty incredible you managed to win without having your key pulled all summer. How does that feel, as a fan of the show?
As a fan of the show I know it’s a huge feat, and it’s even more of a feat considering that there were so many nominations because of the Battle of the Block twist. I wasn’t really thinking about it at first in the game, but when we got to like week 10 or 11, I realized what I had done at that point and I knew how big of an argument it could be if I made it to the Final 2, so I started concentrating on that and trying to do whatever I could to avoid going on the block. That’s why you saw me win more HOHs at the end of the game.

Was the finale a bit nerve-wracking for you, since you didn’t win the final Head of Household and couldn’t control your own fate?
It’s always nerve-wracking because you never know what people are thinking, but I gotta tell you, as bad as it sounds, I really didn’t have a shadow of a doubt that Cody would take me if he won HOH, and I would have done the same for him. We had spoken about this since day two in the house. We had dreamed of this moment and we knew regardless of whether we won or lost, we were going to get a minimum of $50,000.

And to be honest, we didn’t think the vote was going to be as skewed as it was. We thought it was really a coin toss. If you really think about it, Cody sent Christine home with the vote, but I was the one who put her up on the block. We knew he had Donny and Jocasta. Caleb, yeah, [Cody] sent him home, but Cody threw me under the bus when he said I was in an alliance with him the entire time. And then you have Zach, he was a wild card. Nobody knew how he was going to vote. We really thought it was going to be a 5-4 vote either way.

That was kind of our next question, were you surprised that you won?
Uhhh, I’m not surprised that I won. I thought during the jury questions, I gave some compelling arguments and by the reactions from the jury members, I felt like I was either winning them over or just confirming what they already thought and that’s really all I was trying to do at that point.

Who are you most looking forward to keeping in touch with outside the house?
I think that’s an easy one, my fellow hitman Cody. We haven’t stopped talked since we left the house.

If “Big Brother” asked you back for an all-star edition, would you come?
The timing would have to be right. The family situation and the work situation would have to be right. But obviously it would be a tremendous opportunity to be able to come back here and compete with some of the best players of the game and see where I really match up against them. If the situation was right, I would absolutely consider it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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